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Broccoli Purée Recipe with BEABA Babycook®

Did you know Choline plays an important role in regulating memory, mood and intelligence by creating the neurotransmitter? Here are the foods for baby's brain development.

Cauliflower, Broccoli, Fish, Eggs, Nuts and Seeds are full of Choline! Try adding them into your baby's diet to help with baby's brain development.

Try giving your baby broccoli as puree with BEABA Babycook or dehydrate broccoli with BEABA Dry ‘n’ Snack Food Dehydrator to make it the perfect healthy snack!

140g broccoli

  1. Remove the broccoli florets leaving very little of the stem.
  2. Soak broccoli in water and vinegar for a few minutes.
  3. Place in Babycook  steam basket.
  4. Pour water in the Babycook tank (Level 3) and start cooking.
  5. Place the broccoli into the Babycook bowl and mix by adding a part of the cooking liquid until you reached the desired consistency.
Why Broccoli:

Despite concerns it may raise as a member of the cabbage family, broccoli is perfectly suited to introduce to your baby. Broccoli is very rich in vitamin C when hardly cooked or raw. It is necessary to wait until baby is 12 months old to introduce raw vegetables. When cooked, Broccoli is rich vitamin K and B9 (folate), which is also excellent for pregnant women.