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How to pay using Octopus

Instruction on using Octopus on NFC Android/iOS device for online payment:

  1. Click “Place Order” on check out page to proceed with Online payment
  2. Select Octopus pay
  3. Open the “Octopus” App and select “Online Payment”
  4. Use the QR Code scanner in the “Octopus” App, or enter Payment Code to retrieve your payment information
    • a. Android (NFC enabled) Place your Octopus on the back of your mobile device, until a payment receipt shows on screen
    • b. iOS (Paired up with Octopus Mobile Reader)* Place your Octopus on the reader, until a payment receipt shows on screen
  5. Upon successful payment, a confirmation page with success status will be displayed. You can view your payment records on the “Octopus” App or transaction history page in member profile

Click here for Terms and Conditions for Octopus Online Payment

Octopus Cards Limited Licence Number: SVF0001

Accept Octopus Online Payment (Octopus cards/Octopus Mobile SIM/O! ePay) on Website (PC)

How to use Octopus