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BABYZEN creates products that can be carried anywhere and

that make parent’s busy life easier.

In 2012, after years of research and five patents registered, BABYZEN launched

YOYO, the first compact evolutionary stroller on the market, and was immediately

adopted by urban families in large cities worldwide.

As light as its design is cool, YOYO can be manoeuvred with one hand, it folds and

unfolds very quickly, it can be carried over the shoulder, it is easy to store and fits in

the overhead compartment on the plane*.

In 2020, YOYO evolves into YOYO2 and becomes even more practical and

comfortable. A new faux-leather handlebar, new suspensions on all four wheels and

still the most compact on the market, YOYO2 has double the agility and ingenuity to

make your life easier!

Discover YOYO2
Babyzen Accessories


YOYO2 accompanies your child from birth to early childhood.

Just choose the fabric version that you want at birth:

  • newborn pack


  • bassinet

Then change it as your child grows:

  • 6+ color pack

YOYO2 is so compact that it can be stored in the smallest space at home, takes up very little room in the trunk of a car and can even be carried on the plane in both newborn pack and 6+ variants.

* Cabin luggage standards may vary depending on the airline, we recommend checking with your carrier for the latest applicable cabin luggage allowance.