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Mothercare x Octopus Consumption Voucher

Mothercare x Octopus enjoys 15% off discount coupon

With the Hong Kong Government consumption voucher starts in 1 Oct, 2021, customers can enjoy 15% discount off with specified coupon code in online shop while check out with Octopus.

When check out orders from shopping cart, please enter "OCT015" in the promotion codes provided and -> apply coupon. System will automatically deduct 15% with the total order amount (NOT including shipping fee). There is NO limitation on using this coupon code until 31 Oct. Check out orders with Octopus and you can enjoy.

For more details on Comsumption Voucher Scheme, you can visit Consumption Voucher Scheme and Consumption Voucher Scheme - Octopus Hong Kong.

How to pay using Octopus

Instruction on using Octopus on NFC Android/iOS device for online payment:

  1. Click “Place Order” on this page to proceed with Online payment
  2. Select Octopus pay New
  3. Open the “Octopus” App and select “Online Payment”
  4. Use the QR Code scanner in the “Octopus” App, or enter Payment Code to retrieve your payment information
    • a. Android (NFC enabled) Place your Octopus on the back of your mobile device, until a payment receipt shows on screen
    • b. iOS (Paired up with Octopus Mobile Reader)* Place your Octopus on the reader, until a payment receipt shows on screen
  5. Upon successful payment, a confirmation page with success status will be displayed. You can view your payment records on the “Octopus” App or transaction history page in member profile

Click here for Terms and Conditions for Octopus Online Payment

Octopus Cards Limited Licence Number: SVF0001

Accept Octopus Online Payment (Octopus cards/Octopus Mobile SIM/O! ePay) on Website (PC)

How to use Octopus

Terms and Conditions

  • Coupon code is valid till 31 Oct, NO usage limitations.
  • Applicable to all regular priced-items selling in Mothercare online shop.
  • NOT applicable to any spare parts, service charge, fixed-price items, Mothercare voucher and selected brands including Babyzen, Bloom, Bugaboo, Cybex, Jellycat, Leander and Stokke, Doona Liki.
  • CANNOT be used in conjunction with any other discounts, promotional offers, discounted items, specific items and VIP offer or discount (unless otherwise specified).
  • CANNOT be exchanged for cash, other products or discounts are not transferable.
  • The purchased amount in online shop CANNOT be used as the accumulated spends to renew Mothercare VIP membership in coming year.

Mothercare reserve the rights to amend the terms and conditions and to terminate this promotion at any time without prior notice to our customers. In case of any dispute arising out of this promotion, the decision of Mothercare shall be final and conclusive.