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Conception difficulties & your relationship

Conception difficulties & your relationship

stress when trying to conceive

Couples may feel surprise that they cannot conceive, and may for a long time deny that they are having any problems. Either partner may feel isolated from the other and from their friends who may, apparently effortlessly, be having babies. Couples may become angry and feel guilty and unworthy, and there may be feelings of depression and grief. Talking with other infertile couples or with a counsellor can help you cope with these feelings.

You are not on your own

The problem of infertility is common, affecting one in every seven couples in the world. About 15 percent of couples in Singapore do not get pregnant successfully within 12 months of trying to conceive. Infertility increases with age; the older you are when you try to conceive, the more difficult it may be.

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What can we do to promote conception?

There are numerous old wives tales about promoting fertility, but it is generally agreed that good general health is important. Excessive tiredness and stress may contribute to infertility by reducing how often couples have sex. Try making the time to have a romantic meal with your partner. This will help you both to relax and reduce stress. Also, try massage to get you both into a loving and amorous mood.

Jobs that involve travelling may prevent couples having sex at the most fertile times of the month (which are roughly days 14-21 of a regular 28-day cycle, day 1 being the first day of a period). Additionally, female fertility is reduced with age.

Significant changes in weight can also affect whether the woman releases an egg. Some drugs, including some commonly prescribed antidepressants, may interfere with conception, so it may be worth talking to your doctor about any drugs you may be taking. Drugs, such as alcohol or marijuana, may also reduce the likelihood of conception.

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How will infertility affect our relationship?

Each relationship is different, and the strains and stresses a couple will have will differ according to their relationship. Nevertheless, many couples find that by trying to overcome the problems of infertility together their relationship has been made stronger and they have been brought closer together. Both partners should try and support each other and neither partner should try to 'blame' the other, even if this is something that seems natural.

If infertility is detected in one partner, the other partner should try their best to support them and help them in their treatment. Showing them that you love them and care for them is very important.

For couples who are infertile, getting pregnant is a difficult period in the relationship. However, remember to make sure that you both support each other and keep the lines of communication open. Take time to explore the options available to you and the chances are that in time, you will become pregnant.