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new baby essentials

With over 50 years experience Mothercare understands what it means to be a parent and we know you want to give your little ones the best possible start in life. With this in mind we have created this handy checklist for everything you might need during your pregnancy and for your baby's first few months. Keep this checklist with you while you're on the go by downloading our App now. Alternatively get a free printed copy of the New Arrivals Checklist in your local Mothercare store. Simply ask a member of staff for details.

Mum to be

During your pregnancy it can be easy to focus all your attention on the arrival of your new baby. However it is important to take care of yourself and ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. Whether that is ordering maternity clothing to support your changing body or a specially designed pillow to help you sleep. We have put together this list of maternity essentials to help you keep as comfortable as possible during your pregnancy.


  • 2-3 x maternity support bras
  • 2 x sleeping bras (use before and after the birth)
  • 3 x nursing bras (use after birth)
  • maternity trousers/jeans
  • nightwear
  • maternity underwear
  • pregnancy pillow
  • maternity tops
  • maternity dress

Hospital checklist (for a 1 or 2 day stay in hospital)

With all the excitement of planning for your little one’s arrival it is easy to forget about preparing yourself for labour. From deciding what pain relief (if any) you want to take, to knowing when to go to hospital, Mothercare are here to help! We have put together this checklist of essentials, and also some little extras, to help you pack for your trip to hospital.


  • hospital bag
  • nursing nightwear x 2
  • dressing gown
  • slippers
  • comfortable cotton briefs x 2
  • disposable briefs
  • maternity towels x 48
  • nursing bras
  • breast pads x 40
  • toiletries/hairbrush
  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • towel & face cloth
  • newborn gentle wipes
  • cotton wool
  • nappies - approx 10
  • 2 x baby bodysuits
  • 2 x baby sleepsuits
  • 1 x baby blanket
  • infant car seat (essential for first journey home)
  • mum - comfortable clothes for going home

nice to have

  • massage or baby oil
  • support pillow

don't forget

  • birthing plan and notes
  • coins / money for car park
  • mobile phone & charger
  • drinks and snacks
  • ipod / music
  • camera / camcorder

Baby clothes (for first 2-3 months)

When you begin shopping for clothes for your new arrival, the vast array of tiny and cute items of clothing can be completely overwhelming! Adding to that, you’ll need to decide what size clothes you will actually need to buy. Our comprehensive list below provides the essential items to stock up on for your baby’s arrival to make your life easier.


  • 6-8 x sleepsuits
  • 4 x wrap-over vests
  • 6-8 x bodysuits
  • sun hat
  • 2 x soft cotton hats
  • 2 x cardigans
  • 2-3 x socks (pairs)
  • 2 x scratch mitts (pairs)

nice to have

  • jacket/pramsuit
  • 3-4 x daywear outfits
  • shawl

Out and about

You will be eager to take your baby out to introduce them to the world. If you are planning to transport your baby by car then it is essential to have a fitted child car seat. However, there are plenty of other essentials you will need to make travelling with your baby as safe and easy as possible; check out our list to get yourself and your baby travel-ready, quickly and easily.


  • pram / pushchair (suitable from birth)
  • weathershield
  • parasol
  • infant car seat
  • child view mirror
  • changing bag
  • cosytoe

nice to have

  • isofix car seat base
  • baby sling or carrier travel
  • cot and mattress
  • sun blinds

Sleep time

Sleep is especially precious to new parents. So you to be able to sleep soundly you will want to be sure that your baby is safe and comfortable in their cot. There is a lot to consider, from picking the right mattress to decorating the nursery. Below you’ll find a list of essential and ‘nice to have’ items that we’ve put together for you to create the perfect sleeping environment for your baby.


  • moses basket & stand or crib
  • cot or cot bed
  • mattresses*
  • waterproof mattress cover*
  • 4 x fitted mattress sheets*
  • 4 x flat sheets*
  • 2-3 x blankets* (including cotton cellular blankets)
  • *different size needed for crib, cot or cot bed
  • changing unit or cot top changer
  • baby listening monitor
  • room thermometer
  • nappy pail and lid or nappy disposal system

nice to have

  • storage solutions
  • cot mobile
  • swaddling blanket
  • 2 x sleeping bags
  • blackout curtains
  • nightlight
  • nursing chair


Breastfeeding your baby can help to give your baby the best start in life. Breast milk helps to protect your baby from infections and diseases.  There is lots of advice and guidance available to get you started.  We have listed out everything you will need to begin.


  • 3 x nursing bras
  • 2 x sleep bras
  • easy opening nightwear
  • breast pads - disposable or reusable
  • 20 x muslin squares

may be useful

  • breastfeeding support pillow
  • nursing tops
  • cot mobile
  • breast pump
  • breast milk storage bags
  • bottles/sterliser
  • soothers / dummies
  • nipple cream / shields / shells

Bottle feeding

If you are bottle-feeding your baby it is important to be fully prepared, as unlike breastfeeding you will not have your babies food available on demand. It is vital that you know how to sterilise equipment safely and have a good supply of formula milk. Our list will guide you through the items needed to successfully bottle feed your baby.


  • 6-12 x bibs
  • 4 x bottles
  • 4 x teats
  • 20 x muslin squares
  • steriliser (steam, cold water or microwave)
  • formula milk
  • bottle brush

nice to have

  • soothers/dummies
  • milk powder storage container
  • steriliser bottle
  • breast pump
  • breast milk storage bags
  • bottle warmer
  • bottle storage bag

Weaning (6 months)

Once your baby reaches 6 months it is time to begin gradually introducing solid, non-milk foods into their diet. We understand the weaning process and how stressful it can be, with common problems such as your baby not eating enough or not liking vegetables. To prepare them (and you) for this time we recommend investing in the essentials we have listed out below:


  • highchair
  • larger bibs
  • bowls
  • cutlery
  • beakers
  • soothing teethers x 3 for first teeth

nice to have

  • storage pots
  • splash mat
  • bumbo baby seat
  • food blender
  • weaning guide / book

Bath and change time

Bathing can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the day. Try and maximise the fun whilst keeping bath time safe. Checking that the temperature is safe for your baby is essential, whilst adding some bath time toys is a little extra that can help put a smile on your baby’s face. We have created a list below of everything you will need to bathe your newborn.


  • disposable or reusable nappies
  • nappy sacks and wipes
  • changing mat
  • top 'n' tail bowl
  • baby sponge & face cloth/s
  • non-slip bath mat
  • baby towels
  • cuddle 'n' dry robes
  • baby toothbrush and toothpaste
  • baby nail scissors
  • baby hairbush and comb
  • baby bath
  • bath thermometer

nice to have

  • nappy cream
  • bath support
  • bath toys
  • baby toiletries
  • aqua pod 6 months +

Jools Oliver talks about baby wipes

Time to play (from birth to around 6 months +)

It can be hard to know which toys are most suitable for babies at different stages of their development. To help you we have narrowed down the most popular toys that are suitable for new born to 6-month babies.


  • baby activity gym
  • play mat for tummy time play
  • lightweight rattles e.g. loopy links
  • soft teddies and toys
  • baby books with mirror and textures
  • bouncing cradle or baby swing
  • sophie the giraffe - rattle and teething toy
  • bath toys
  • pram or pushchair toys
  • light and musical toys

Home safety

Home is the most common place for children to have accidents. That’s why baby proofing your home before your child becomes mobile can help avoid traumatic experiences. Different rooms pose different risks; therefore it is important to take precautions. To help with this task we have created a complete list of items to help you.


  • smoke detectors
  • carbon monoxide detector
  • window catch
  • safety gate/s
  • socket covers
  • cupboard catches
  • harness and reins
  • non slip bath mat
  • fire guard
  • first aid kit and book
  • medical thermometer
  • book - common baby illnesses

nice to have

  • humidifier
  • corner cushion protectors
  • play pen