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a guide to baby toys

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A guide to baby toys

In the first few weeks newborn babies will spend most of their 'awake' time gazing adoringly at your face, learning from your facial expressions and listening to your voice (yep, you're very important!). Soon however, toys begin to play a big part in their development and can help younger babies to learn and understand about the world around them. For parents and in fact anyone buying a present for a baby, it can be tricky working out which toy is suitable for babies at each different stage. Use our guides below to work out what your baby may be interested in as he grows.

Find out what your baby likes to play with:

Play it safe

  • Check to see if toys conform to British Standard BS EN71
  • Many baby toys contain small pieces, so check the 'suitable age' recommended
  • Be careful of any small parts in the toys packaging are not left lying around
  • Be careful of older children playing with toys that have small parts when they are close to your baby
  • Keep toys away from fire
  • Put toys away after use to avoid falls, and do not leave toys on the stairs