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mattress health

A safe and happy sleeping baby makes for a happy mummy! There are several things you can do to help your baby sleep in a safe environment, such as making sure they cannot get tangled in their bedding and also making certain your baby cannot overheat. Looking after the mattress your baby sleeps on can also help to ensure he sleeps safely, both during his naps and his nighttime sleeps.

Small babies are not good at controlling their own body temperature, so it is important that you monitor their temperature and adjust their bedding accordingly. It is just as important that your baby does not get too hot as it is to ensure they are not too cold. It is also important to note that ill or feverish babies generally don't need extra bedding. In fact, in most cases, they need less. You can check if your baby is too hot or cold by feeling his or her tummy.

How babies should sleep

  • By keeping the sleep surface fresh and clean, you can help control the risk of developing allergic reactions
  • Wash the Sleepright mattress, with Coolmax multi-layer top panel, at 60簞C to kill any dust mites
  • Ensure you line or tumble dry the top panel thoroughly
  • Regularly wipe clear the PVC surface of any mattress
  • Regularly vacuum or sponge-clean the bottom cotton cover of the mattress base where applicable

Reduce the risk of cot death

Cot death is extremely rare. Great progress has been made in identifying the factors that can significantly reduce the risk. A few simple precautions should allow you greater peace of mind.

  • Always lay your baby on his or her back.
  • The recommended sleeping position for babies is 'feet to foot' so that he cannot shuffle down under the covers. Feet should always be placed at the foot of the cot with covers coming no higher than the chest
  • Don't let your baby get too warm (or too cold). Because babies can't regulate body temperature, the room needs to be set at around 65簞F (18簞C).
  • Your baby shouldn't sleep next to a radiator, any type of heater or near a very sunny window