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Your baby's tiny feet will grow faster in the first three years than at any other time in their life so it's critical to support growing bones and joints. During these formative years your child's foot is extremely fragile and the importance of fitting your child with the appropriate baby footwear cannot be overstated. The delicate nature of your child's foot necessitates a supportive shoe that fits well and encourages healthy foot development. Baby Footwear designed specifically for your child is more critical in these early years than at any other time in their life.

We are committed to helping you find the right footwear for your child, whatever their age and offer a range that not only supports and protects your baby's feet but also encourages healthy foot development. To provide more choices for you and your child, our collection features a wide variety of styles for all activities and weather! All our stores offer quality footgauges, so we can measure your child's feet to ensure a good fit.

Age and size

Anything you put on your baby's foot should be completely non-restrictive, as your baby's bones are still very soft and malleable. You can buy baby socks and booties for your newborn, but don't be tempted to buy proper shoes until your baby is walking well unaided. Paediatricians and other experts agree that babies should be barefoot when mastering the art of walking, but barefoot is not always possible as little feet often need protection. As soon as your child is fully mobile and venturing outside, they'll need suitable footwear to protect their feet from the cold and unsafe surfaces.

Because every child is different, it is difficult to estimate a child's foot size based on age. However, our range of footwear caters for newborns through to children aged approximately 6-7 years old. Our footwear collections include soft-shoes (booties) for newborns, selected first-walkers in sizes 2-5 and children's shoes in sizes 4-13 (full sizes only). We also have a baby shoe sizing guide with some helpful tips on how to ensure you will get the right fit.

How to choose the correct shoes for your child

  • ??Fitting children for shoes can be challenging. Infants are particularly difficult to fit because their young feet are not yet fully formed, and they require different kinds of communication, i.e. they can't tell you if a shoe feels too big or too small.
  • ??When fitting an infant's shoe, the first consideration is to provide extra room in the toe, for their little toes to wiggle. Until a baby starts walking, this toe activity is virtually the only exercise their little feet will get.
  • ??Getting a correct fit is also critical given the incredible rate their feet will grow during these early years. While your child's footwear should allow for plenty of growing room it is also important that you don't sacrifice comfort and fit.
  • ??It is also important to choose footwear with good ventilation and absorbency to prevent sweat-induced blistering.
  • ??We have footgauges in every store to help you get a good fitting shoe for your child.
  • Your choice of footwear will also depend on the season and your requirements. From slippers to sports shoes, the Mothercare footwear range caters for all seasons and all types of occasions and activities.

Why buy baby footwear from Mothercare?

We make it easy for you to find the right baby footwear for your child. Our range of baby shoes are designed to encourage healthy foot development and are made from high quality materials to create the best-looking, best-fitting shoes for all occasions.

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