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Baby & Kids Clothing

All children have an amazing ability to get through a huge amount of clothing; toddlers seem to be permanently covered in mud or ice-cream (or both) and newborn babies have a special knack of bringing up their milk or requiring a serious nappy change just after you've dressed them in lovely clean clothes (or just when the in-laws arrive!) They also need to be comfortable and dressed appropriately at all times, so layers are often the answer as they can be removed or added depending on the weather. It is also important to choose fabrics that are absorbent, natural, durable and easy to care for. Believe us when we say you'll be washing your baby or toddler's clothing again and again and again?吒r


Newborn baby clothes come in a range of sizes, from 0-18 months, but for those of you whose babies arrive earlier than expected, we also have special ranges available.

Our premature baby clothes range, caters for babies who weigh 3lb and 4lb and include Velcro fastenings which allow access for special care without the need to dress or undress your little one. Our sleepsuits for premature babies have been specially designed in conjunction with neonatal care units.

Most importantly, your newborn should be comfortable and able to nap in the clothes he wears during the day; remember newborn babies sleep for most of the time in the early days so ensuring the clothes they wear allows them to do this is important. If you choose bodysuits or sleepsuits with pure cotton fibres that have natural thermal qualities, these will help your little one warm up when it's cold and cool down when it's warm.

  • An interlock knit ensures your baby clothes have lots of stretch and will return to shape after being washed and tumble dried.
  • Neck and leg openings will keep their shape.
  • Press-stud openings allow for quick and easy nappy changes.
  • All eyelets, studs, and poppers and rivets come from approved suppliers who help the manufacturers apply them correctly and safely.
  • All poppers are nickel-free to prevent irritation.
  • Envelope necklines make garments easier to pull on and off over your baby's head.
  • Up to six months our sleepsuits have integral scratchmitts to stop your little ones scratching his delicate skin.
  • From 9 months, our sleepsuits have non-slip soles for when your baby starts to pull himself up and experiment with walking and crawling.
  • All the feet in our sleepsuits and bodysuits have Toe Safe??design to prevent loose threads from wrapping around tiny toes.

Baby Vests

Vests are great for summer, as you can use them instead of bodysuits and sleepsuits when it is hot. Dressing your older baby or child in layers starting with a vest is a great idea because you can add or take away layers depending on the weather.

Baby Shawl

Baby shawls or blankets are great to have in the early days and are used to wrap around your baby to keep them warm and snuggly during the day when they are awake. It is not advisable for babies to sleep wrapped in a baby blanket or shawl. They are great gifts because many parents leave the hospital with their babies wrapped up warm and snugly in a shawl. They can also be used while breastfeeding to gently cover yourself up with and protect your modesty.

Baby Pyjamas

Baby Pyjamas help you and your older baby differentiate night from day. They come with a long sleeve tops and pull on trousers, in soft cotton jersey, and are available in sizes 62 cm to 86 cm (Check the Mothercare sizing guide for babies & children). Children generally love pyjamas and with so many fun designs, you can even let your child pick her favourite pair when out shopping.

Baby Cardigans

Baby cardigans are useful for adding that extra layer and come in 100 percent Acrylic or fleece. Great in the Winter for keeping your little one cosy, but also good for cooler summer evenings and rainy days!

Baby Hats

Babies can lose a lot of their body heat through their heads. So it's vital to keep newborn babies' heads covered when outdoors with a baby hat. Basic knitted hats are great for newborns. Babies' hats come in five sizes: one-size, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-24 months. You should always remove your baby's hat when indoors.

Mittens and/ or scratch mitts

Baby mittens or scratch mitts are used not so much to protect against cold, but to prevent tiny fingernails scratching tiny faces and eyes. Babies' fingernails grow very quickly and babies often need protecting against the voluntary and involuntary movements of their own hands.

Baby Socks

Baby Socks are useful in all kinds of weather as they add a layer of protection to your baby's delicate feet. Baby socks are made with care to prevent loose threads being caught around tiny toes.

Baby Safety Clothing Tips

  • Keep all garments away from fire.
  • All metal components are nickel free to prevent any possible skin irritation.
  • All buttons are attached with a lockstitch machine, which gives a more secure stitch than the chainstitch machine.
  • Spring loaded toggles are a safety hazard and are not used in baby wear.

Check our baby & kids clothing sizing guide to make sure you buy the right size for your little one.