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About Mothercare

Mothercare is a British retailer born almost 50 years ago out of an idea to provide parents and parents-to-be with the best quality and most innovative products for their children under one roof.

Within the UK, mothercare operates on the high street and out of town, and has well over 400 shops.

Recognising the success of mothercare in the UK, and the potential it held within the Asian market, our chairman, Mr Pang Kim Hin expanded the mothercare franchise to Singapore in 1984, Malaysia in 1987 and Hong Kong in 1992.

Internationally, mothercare has over 1000 international stores across 53 countries, and is expanding at an exponential rate.

Part of mothercare's success all around the world is due to our central ethos. Mothercare understands that parenting is serious business. But it is also serious fun. And we at mothercare do our utmost to make shopping with kids or for kids a joy. Our brand isn't just the logo on the outside of our stores, or on the front of our catalogue. It is the quality of the experience our customers have every time mothercare touches their lives.

For that wonderful, frustrating, hilarious, serious, exhausting, rewarding process called parenting, mothercare.